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seattle distilled water


Steam distilled drinking water is "distilled water you can trust" and considered the gold standard for purity. Our water is distilled after going through a sediment filter, carbon filter and water softener. After distillation, the water is stored in special tanks which have protective air filters to prevent contamination. Before filling bottles, the distilled water is passed through an ultra-violet light and another carbon filter. Our special ozone bottle rinser sterilizes your bottle before filling at our fill station.

Distilled water is PURE and virtually free of all contaminants. As a result, distilled water has no color, odor, bacteria, heavy metals, acids, organic minerals, toxic chemicals or poisons. When distilled water enters your system clean, it is free to collect and wash away the poisons your system has accumulated. Our bodies are over 70% water; therefore, to attain good health, we need to drink at least 8 glasses of pure water every day.